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Krista Joy
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I married my best friend of 14 years on June 26, 2004! I just love being married. And it's been two years now! Wow! Time goes by really fast! Joe, exodus31, is my husband. We own a condo and just love being home owners (even if it's just an owned apartment). We are currently redoing the kitchen, it's been a 2 year project so far.... we will be finishing very, very soon. Besides being married, during the school year I am a music teacher in a suburb near Minneapolis. I am always busy. Every night there is something going on. Monday nights I have bible study; Tuesday is a free day; Wednesday night is youth group night at church; and friday night is when I gather with my buds from college, high school and church to hang out! I am also the Children's Ministry Assistant at Ridgewood Church, our home church - working mostly with the preschoolers.

We are finally, after 3.5 years, expecting our first child! We got a great Christmas gift, but unfortunately, for a teacher, the timing is just at the beginning of the school year. We are, however, super excited for September 11th!

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