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Krista Joy




February 24th, 2009

new journal

come, check out my new journal!


July 24th, 2008

Here's mine

1. Krista
2. Krista Joy
3. Kumquat

1. musicsmurf
2. parissmurf
3. olsokr1

1. hair
2. fingernails
3. Smile

1. the last 20 pounds
2. height (I would love just one or two more inches)
3. thighs

1. German
2. English
3. Danish

1. not knowing
2. change

1. cell phone
2. ipod
3. chapstick

1. you can't take it with you t-shirt from high school
2. sonshine wristband
3. pink lounge pants

1. Skillet
2. Josh Groban
3. Ella Fitzgerald

1. anything and everything - I really can't choose

1. Be silly together
2. love
3. have the same future plans

1. I broke my leg and didn't know it for 2 months.
2. I've read the entire unabridged Les Miserables.
3. I got engaged on the top of the Eiffel Tower

1. just the right height
2. beard
3. eyes

1. Reading
2. biking
3. knitting

1. go to New York and see Wicked on Broadway
2. knit
3. go camping with my hubby

1. music pastor
2. english teacher

1. France
2. Bamf
3. Israel

(I have a hard time deciding, but I can share the names I absolutely don't like)
1. Avery
2. Diamond
3. Arthur

1. Be a mother
2. Travel the world
3. Have a really nice garden

1. I like doing crafts
2. I like giggling with other girls
3. I like to play dress-up

1. I like camping
2. I don't mind getting dirty
3. I like fires

peggyelizabeth, thatkaringirl, exodus31

July 7th, 2008

Our Sunday

Joe and I had a most delightful Sunday. For Joe's sister's birthday (and because the entire family wanted to), we all went together to the Star Wars exhibit. We got to see the IMAX movie about special effects, that was pretty cool. and then we went to the exhibit. It was really cool, so much to see, so many cool things. Perhaps Joe will share the neat photos he took. We took a long time looking at the models and the costumes. They have a cool 10 minute video about modern robots and what they are doing. There is one group that is making robot dogs that play soccer. Their goal is to have robots playing against a real soccer team by 2050. Impressive, I'd say. Joe was really excited about that.

After we were done, Joe's sister and fiance left and his parents and Lilli hung out looking at just about everything. Do you remember the fan that will hold a ball in the air? One 4 year old got it to work and started screaming and jumping up and down! He was so excited!

They left a little while later and Joe and I explored more - Joe really liked the camera obscura in the outside garden. We spend a lot of time in their and it was amazing how well it works!

It was amazing that we spent 7 hours there and didn't feel too exhausted.

June 19th, 2008


So, I was walking to my car from the library and I thought that I had a rock in my birks. I tried to get it out and it didn't come out. I put my foot on the side of one foot so that I wouldn't set it on the ground as I picked up my birk. Um, it wasn't a rock, it was a pointy catapillar and I had green goo all over my birk, foot and the side of my leg where I had put my foot instead of on the ground.

June 17th, 2008

Day Camp

So, we have finished our 2nd day of day camp. So far, so good. For the most part...

Honestly, I don't get the responsibility (or lack there of) of some students these days. Last week, we had two brothers who were counselors for my first day camp, one had his own group and the other was sharing with someone else. Both boys were early on Monday, despite missing the set-up time the day before. The rest of the week, the one with his own group never showed up again and his younger brother who was sharing, came everyday but Thursday, but he was late.

Now, it's their older brother. He's usually a pretty good kid, but today, he never showed up... to the regret of his co-counselor. I guess he was at a sleepover and his friend left him there. But still,... ugh!

It's tiring and I'm always hungry and added to everything, I'm biking to church every day, too. At least it's warm enough to be outside at the lake or pool.

June 11th, 2008

My update

Yes, I understand it's been awhile since I have posted. Let me fill you in:

I finished with students last Friday. Yesterday was my last day at school and I moved my boxes and boxes of stuff of 6 years at that school to my new school, Sheridan Hills Elementary. It's one of our k-2 schools. I'm still not sure how I feel about this move. It was forced on me since my position at RIS is going down to .6 and I need full time. I've applied at a few schools and haven't heard from anyone. Some of them have been hired, too. I'm surprised. I would think that I'm fairly qualified, but who knows... My co-workers are determined to get me hired back at RIS, devising all different ways for me to return. We'll see what pans out.

This year I had a new challenge. I had to direct and manage My First Day Camp this week at the same time, be at school to pack up and move. It's been long, hard days, really emotional, but now that I'm done at school, I've been able to concentrate on Day Camp. This week has been going really well! Almost no kids have been crying. They are coming back really excited! And except for the counselor who only showed up for the first day (yeah, I know, but it's the story of his life!), the counselors have been doing really well. My favorite quotes this week so far: "After we sing these songs, can we sing a song about T-Rex?"; (a boy pretending to be Bartimeaus, the blind man Jesus healed) "Jesus, will you get the blind off me?"

At home, the exciting news is that we got a wii a few weeks ago. We only have wii sports & cooking mama. We have enjoyed it, though. Especially the everybody votes channel.

March 17th, 2008

It's Spring Break!

So, my five weeks of stress are done! And I am glad!

I decided to take today off. So far, at 3:16pm, I have run for 20 min (with Joe!), read my James Harriot book for 45 minutes, been to the library, picked up 8 videos for me to watch this week, watched the 3rd season of Chef!, finishing laundry, and started to clean up the study a bit.

That's it

I've spent most of my time on the couch.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I'm working shortened hours at church (like 10-3ish), but it's good to be at home.

Before I left school, I did find out that our district will be cutting 1.8 million dollars and that means some cuts in our building of classroom teachers. Adn that directly effects us. I will not lose my job. I have too much seniority. But I may and probably will become a traveling teacher.

February 17th, 2008

Valentines Day 5k!

me. in paris.
Yes, I did it! Yesterday and it was really pretty good. I was very lucky to have to friends from church come and join me, Britta and Katherine! That was fun. Katherine's husband was out of town, but mine and Britta's both came to cheer us on, plus Joe's mom! The weather was great. A little chilly at the beginning, but once we got going it was good. There were a few little hills and the last one was a long climb and I walked part way up it,, but I caught up with the girls when going down the hill. We all made really good time, (with us all sprinting at our own pace at the end). I finished in 32:30 about and the girls came in with in a minute of me. We had a good time and I'll be doing the 100% Irish for a Day 5k on March 16 for anyone who wants to join me in the next one. And, oh, we got really cool t-shirts. If you have facebook, you can see pictures that my lovely husband took!

December 29th, 2007

A Challenge for some of you

me. in paris.
I think pretty much all of you have heard of my challenge, to go through the couch to 5k program and then run some 5k's. I have decided to run both a Valentines day and a St. Patrick's day 5k in Minneapolis.

Since there is still plenty of time for some of you to decided and prepare. I'm challenging any of my friends to come and join me. I am planning on being able to finish the 5k in a little over a half an hour (nothing fast - mostly just to say that I did it)

Here's the Link http://www.marathonrunwalk.com/events.html

It's $25 pre-registration and you get a free t-shirt for both and I think there's something about free or % off at a local bar after the St. Patrick's day one (I know that might be extra motivation for some of you). They are both on Saturday's.

Let me know if you will be joining me!

December 26th, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone!

I pray that everyone had a wonderful Christmas, stayed safe and healthy!

I think the best present I got was the beautiful snow that fell most of the day yesterday!

It was certainly a Josh Groban year for me, getting his Christmas cd from my dear husband (taped to new pink smurf house!) and his 'Closer' album from my cousin. My parents were super awesome to us, getting us tickets to see the HMS Pinafore at Orchestra Hall in March and a gift certificate to the Inn on Lake Superior (located in Canal Park in Duluth) Joe's parents got me these really fun tall sock-like slippers that are black, red and white with music notes on them.

I'm very excited to have a good day today. I just finished my week 6 run (that went very well), a little cleaning, a lovely Christmas Tea at the Arboretum with all the women in my dad's family and my annual Christmas dinner at Red Lobster with Kia tonight!

December 11th, 2007

Job/Work update

Many of you have already heard, but I was offered my job again at church. They had already reinstated two of the four jobs that were cut this June. and now that they are doing the budget for next year, Martha put the job again in her budget. After much discussion with her just before Thanksgiving and two weeks of prayer, I accepted the job a week ago now.

My job will be similar, but not exactly the same. I will be the children's ministry assistant. We will both be working in the preschool and elementary departments. I will be in charge of k-2 children's church. I will also be in charge, eventually, of some of the Wednesday night program.

I don't know exactly when I'll be starting. we have to wait for the budget to be approved and that will be sometime in January.

So, for now, I'm enjoying my last few weeks of rest and laziness and am really excited to begin again!!!

October 13th, 2007

I'm still here

Yep, I haven't posted since school began and let me tell you that my brain has been fried the last two weeks, school is really crazy. In the last two weeks (10days) of school, I've stayed an hour to an hour and a half after my work day is done 8 days. There are many reasons, some exciting and some not so good.

The music staff (all three of us) have begun a one day a week, 4th grade only, afterschool choir. Our district got some $ to fund an afterschool program that targets specifically ELL, Title 1, Free & Reduced lunch students and students with social & emotional problems (so that means, most of our students...) But, it ended up being a lot of work preparing for it, calling all the students parents to invite them, getting their afterschool bussing ready, figuring out what we were going to do... But we began this week and it went really well. It's fun to have a class with all three of us music teachers and only 28 kids...

The not so good reason is that our school was put on the list in Math for not making Adequet Yearly Progress (AYP) according to No Child Left Behind Act. We are also on the "Safe Harbor" list in Reading (basically, if we don't pass this year, we will also get on the Reading list next year). Since I am an "Educational Leader", basically the representative for all the specialists in my building, I am on the team to create our AYP plan to the state. The plan has to be submitted by the end of Nov, so we are hoping to present it to our staff at the end of the month. It has ment 3 half days with a sub to meet and create this plan. It's a daunting task and scary, cause we are in the first of 4 years and if we continue to not meet AYP after the 4th year, the state comes in and restructures the entire school. It's kind of scary. And a lot of pressure. Did you know that according to NCLB, every school has to meet 100% students proficency by 2013. that seems totally unatainable.... We are around 55% in Reading and 45% in Math, we have to make at least 10% growth every year. It means every student meets proficiency....

None the less, having a sub means a lot of extra work for me and my meetings have been going late and then I still have to set up for the next day.

So that's me... I'll post about my birthday later.....

September 5th, 2007

so far

Yes, so I'm back into school mode. So far, it's been okay. Yesterday was okay and this moring was really great, but this afternoon made up for it. You know things are bad when you ask the para if she's with these two students and she says, no and points to two other students who are doing just fine! Yep, I had a roller, a jumper, attitude, defying and do nothing students - and they are just 3rd graders. so, I guess I'm fine, it'll get more exciting when I get into more content.

And Mike, thanks for the countdown (or up?)!

August 20th, 2007

Ren Fest

Joe and I were invited to go to the Ren Fest with Kia & Zach yesterday. Kia really wanted to go yesterday because she has been taking belly dancing classes all summer and they had classes and a competition yesterday. She thought I might have fun joining her.

Unfortunately, the weather didn't help us out. It was raining when we got there around 1:45 and didn't stop. We were mostly prepared for some rain, just not constant rain. We got ponchos pretty quickly. After watching some of the belly dancing peformances, we got some food and then got the announcement - Ren Fest is closing! Yeah, they closed around 4pm. I've never heard of a time when they have actually closed Ren Fest. I guess they were concerned with the flooding.

But that wasn't the cool part. On the way out the gate, next to the bakery stage, a new little tent - a little chinese man with really cool instruments. After hearing one of his and trying it myself - I got one! It's called a Hulusu - "This instrument is used by Dai Minority in China. It is a three prong flute with drone." Mostly a recorder that has 3 prongs and a gord at the top that you blow into - there is a reed in the main flute part. It takes a lot of air to play, but has the same fingering as a recorder, so I can play it with my students. His name is Ying Zhang and lives right over by Texa-Tonka area and plays with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. I say it's a pretty cool find!

Last cool thing - Ren Fest gave out comp ticket info so that we can go back another day! So, we are now planning to go another day when it won't be raining!

August 14th, 2007


It's been really nice lately, I've been biking a lot (even had a nice fall last week biking home from Joe's work with a nice big bruise on my knee!) I have found that Medicine Lake has a very nice trail around it and it's fairly close to our place. I guess I keep forgetting that the lake is so close to us. It takes me almost exactly an hour from our place all the way around the lake! It has nice big hills, some really nice straight areas, areas around homes and through French Regional Park. I'm really enjoying these bike rides...

August 11th, 2007

Josh Groban

Last night I had a fantastic night listening to Josh Groban and getting close enough to him to smell his sweat. One of my youth girls had an in with her uncle and getting really good tickets. We knew that we were on the side, but in the 5th row - not on the floor. But when we got to our seats, we noticed that there was a stage extension that ran just a few feet from our seats. He would come over the on the extension - my girls even stood up and he touched their hands. They were very, very excited.

It was a really nice, great concert. We had so much fun. I melted everytime he opened his mouth and sang. He was humorous, witty, nice, even when there was a really annoying crowd of women (including the "grobanites gone wild" group with t-shirts). It was a fantastic concert - I'd go again, in a heartbeat!

July 31st, 2007

On Sunday, Joe and I went to his parents' church since it was their last Sunday in their old building and we will be gone next weekend. When we went to lunch afterwards (at Culvers with my new favorite salad - blackened chicken, avacado, peacan and blue cheese). His parents then gave us a late anniversary present. I suppose it's supposed to have been to us both, but it really was for me! They gave us a kitchen aid stand mixer! I was so excited! And I even used it today to make a peanut butter pie for when we have a friend over for dinner tonight! It's so beautiful on our countertop!

July 26th, 2007

Really, Really sore

Yesterday I had a super fun day, but now I am sore.

Our youth group event went cliff diving in St. Cloud.

It's an old Quarry that has been filled and they allow people to swim and dive in it. It's just right on the outskirts of St. Cloud proper and it only costs about $5 per car to go - Travis you might want to consider doing it some time with your youth kids. It's really fun, but the water is lower than usual (of course - about 2 feet lower) so you have to jump out a little more than usual and I didn't do that very well, so I hit my butt on some underwater rocks and now I have scrapes and bruises on just one side of my butt.

July 23rd, 2007


me. in paris.
I don't know what it is about the Tour de France, but every July, I get a little obsessed about watching it on TV everyday that I can. I know, it's odd, it's just watching 120+ guys biking for 2-3 hours everyday, but I like it.

I don't know if it's the anouncers, the stories of the bikers, the falls, the beautiful mountains, the fact that people have died while biking it, or if it's that it's France.

Most of you have heard of Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis - but I got into the Tour when Greg LaMond won it several times in the 80's & 90's. Four times, to be exact. You know he's from MN? I think he lives in Plymouth. My dad has seen him at Baker park in the winter going skiing.

Now you all know another obesession of mine...

July 10th, 2007

I'm back, for a short time

me. in paris.
Yep, I've made it back, I'm home, for the night, and off to Willmar tomorrow. I"d love to share things, but there is too much to share tonight, especailly since I've gotten 4 hours of sleep the last few nights and it's about 6:30am in Ukraine right now..... I'm tired.

June 27th, 2007


I leave tonight for Ukraine for two weeks, then I'll be at SonShine after that, so it'll be about 3 weeks before I'm back on here. Everyone have a great few weeks!

June 26th, 2007


I am going to Ukraine!!!!!!

I got off the phone with Joe just as Fed Ex called from downstairs. Now I can go out and do some errands!!!!!

Thank you Amy Klobachar's office and the interns, now I can go tomorrow!

Home today

Well, I wasn't expecting to be home today, and I wish I were running around doing errands, but I guess it's worth it if I'm going to get my passport by 3pm today, at least that's what they say on the Fed Ex website.

Yes, my passport is done! I was on the phone for about an hour and ten minutes before I got anyone from the gov on the phone, but they told me that it was finished Monday mornging and they are sending it overnight Fed Ex. I am so happy about this, but we have had so many bad problems with Fed Ex, so I''m still rather anxious. So I'm staying home until I have it in my hand. I was hoping that I could run around town doing errands all day, but it won't happen until I have that passport in my possession.

On another note, Joe and I decided to cut cable to save some more $. It was a scary moment, because they did it immediately and then the internet didn't work either..... and our phone then wouldn't work and Fed Ex wouldn't be able to get a hold of me and then I'd have to wait till tomorrow to get my passport! I called back and in 5 min, they had my internet back up. Whew!

On a third note, today is Joe and I's 3rd wedding anniversary. We might do a little something tonight, but we are still trying to cut costs and I have so much to still purchase for Ukraine tomorrow.

June 22nd, 2007


me. in paris.
This is the time when we all need to begin to pray...

I leave for a missions trip to Ukraine as a leader on Wednesday, and I have not received my passport yet. Joe called last week, they said it was "still in process" (we have yet to figure out what that means....) and they would expidite it and red flag it with the date that I am leaving. I gave them a week or so of time, and called today again. It was "still in process" (I don't think they really know what that means). So when I asked them, "if it's Wednesday and I still don't have my passport, what should I do then?" They told me to call them again and they'll figure something out for me. I then called our travel agent. He told me I have 4 choices: 1)to keep calling them and bugging them so they know that I'm serious 2)call my state representative (after several phone calls, I found out it's really my federal's, but their minnesota office, not DC office) 3)change my flight to another day, one or two days later 4)cancel the trip

I have already now, filled out the info for Amy Klobachar's office to get going and trying to find my passport. When I called, the secretary said that she hopes it's at a place that's easy to find. (Yep, I hope so, too) And I might call the passport agency again today, too.

But, if you all can pray for my anxiety and that they can find it and get it to me by the time my flight leaves Wednesday night? I would greatly appreciate it (and so would Joe, I'm sure)

June 19th, 2007


June is always a crazy month at church.

Last week I had My First Day Camp. It's a preschool camp lead by jr. high counselors and me - I put together and run the entire thing, with a little help from other staff. It was a wild and crazy ride that seemed to go really well. We had 38 preschoolers, ages 3-6 and 17 jr high counselors. It's always fun to see how the jr highers rise to the occasion! Most of the them typcially do really well!

This week is the first week of regular Day Camp. 140 1st -5th graders and 28 sr. high counselors. the worst part of this whole thing is parents. PLEASE.... new parents I BEG YOU!!!!! Do not become one of the parents that I've had to deal with this week so far! Just because she didn't put a friend request on her daughter's form and this past year the daughter didn't get put in a class with her friends and in basketball, too. I didn't know to put her in this group of girls, but I just couldn't because the group was already way too big. I offered another solution, but she didn't like it, so she cried to another friend on the phone until 11pm last night and decided to pull her daughter out of the camp, just like that.


June 13th, 2007

By Tony Germanotta, Virginian-Pilot

A pair of biology seniors at Connecticut College decided to test the oft-cited maxim that food that sits less than five seconds on a floor remains safe to eat.
They used a well-traveled section of the college cafeteria; apple slices "because they were free," and Skittles, because there's an assumption that dry food is less susceptible to contamination, said researcher Molly Goettsche. To simulate the real world, food was dropped off the edge of a cafeteria table. One pair of edibles sat on the floor for five seconds; others for 10, 30, 60 seconds, and, finally, for five minutes. They repeated the experiment under the supervision of a biology professor.

The results: No bacteria were found on any food left on the floor for up to half a minute. Apple slices and Skittles both got germy after a minute (although one Skittle took five minutes).

Goettsche, 23, who is heading for a career in biotech market research, said she would not eat from a floor despite their findings.

"Use your discretion," she advised. "I don't want to be responsible for changing the five-second rule to the 30-second rule."

May 27th, 2007

good day!

On Friday, I had a good day at school.... we laughed, raced and had a great time....

except that I had a work day, with no kids.

our work day at school was really great with my co-workers, with whom we were all in a very silly mood. We even raced to the bathroom!

Only 7 days with kids. It's a good thing....

Thanks to all who were over for our grill night on Friday! It was lots of fun! We should do that again!!!

May 3rd, 2007


Just so you all know, I wish I worked at a different school...

Today it was like the entire school had explosives taped to themselves all week and today, they all exploded. Teachers and students alike...

From the nurse who yelled at one class for being too loud in the hallway (as they were playing the quiet game, just guess what that is....), the kid who swore in my class (3rd grade), the kid who was suspended for 10 days (without haveing a meeting with the parents and school about a plan for when the child returns to class) pretending to chock another student and then kick them, the middle school teachers who decided that the sign ups for choir and band for next year should be due on Wednesday of next week and they just got the papers to us, to the most boring MCA week ever for me (I had to walk the hall of 1st floor for almost 3 hours, two days in a row this week), the choir concert next week and the kids I've had in for recess everyday this week to tweek their swing dance song (and hence, getting very little time for lunch)....

I'm just glad that I'm going to be in Atlanta for 4 days soon.

Yep, that's right, I"m going to Atlanta for a conference on family ministries with Martha at church. I'm leaving Sunday night and will return Wednesday night. I'm really looking forward to that.

April 19th, 2007

All the cooks will take a trip to one of the new stores in the strip mall by the movie theater. On my walk today, I noticed that it had finally opened...

Curry Leaf, spices and groceries.

I went into it and just loved it! I wished I had brought my $ on my walk with me. It has lots of Indian spices, food, rice, drinks, frozen.... just about everything and it looks fairly authentic!

April 18th, 2007


Reunion Show - One Show Only!

Friday, May 4 @ Club 3 Degrees

With Star Again, Jeremy Sanoski, and Claret

Doors @ 7:00pm / Show @ 7:30pm

Tickets Only $8 in advance / $10 Day of Show
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